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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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but there are some invoices to norway choose day and i say begin now and i've also said it to the point of exhaustion we are not going to lend ourselves to any kind of false negotiation. america editor lucien human has the latest from the venezuelan capital caracas strong rumors had been circulating since wednesday but now it is official opposition leader. has confirmed that for the 1st time in nearly 4 months since venezuela's president a power struggle began exploratory talks have taken place in between his representatives and those of president. he also acknowledged that for almost 3 months norway had been trying to mediate some kind of an encounter however he insists that the talks are only one of many possible options for bringing about regime change. it is one morning from those who want to cooperate and we've said from day one anyone who wants to contribute be they civilians members of the military or diplomats are welcome to achieve an end to her patient
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a transitional government and free elections but let's not confuse the method with the objective and we're going to both sides accuse each other of having negotiated in the past in bad faith but while the my brutal government has been insisting on the need for dialogue to resolve the country's worst ever political and economic crisis for the opposition the word dialogue is almost a dirty word in fact earlier i spoke to opposition activist. who has been calling for an international military coalition to come to venezuela's aid and she says that talking to the government is pointless we know that they are not going to accept. through an electoral process we we've seen several so-called dialogues even with the pope and the vatican involved dad. to gain time in any case the exploratory talks as they're being called are still very much in their infancy why though i have also been meeting here in with
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representatives of the 28 member international contact group mainly europeans and interestingly cuba which is my little strongest and. most unconditional ally is also being brought into the mix while cuba's deputy foreign minister was flying to all slow canada's foreign minister was arriving in havana to talk to her cuban counterpart to see if quote cuba can be part of the solution rather than the problem in venezuela so if you come here into alabama passes the toughest abortion law or in the u.s. the stage is being set for a supremes court showdown. and 7 prime ministers in 10 years why halting the revolving door at the top has become a priority as australians face yet another election.
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hello there we're seeing a fair amount of rain over parts of north america at the moment so thanks to this weather system has been pushing its way in from the pacific it's given us a lot of cloud as you can see on the satellite pages but also quite a bit of wet weather as well that system is edging its way eastwards making its way across the rockies there do we want to go to outbreaks of snow perhaps as we head through the next couple of days as it makes its way across the rockies that it's going to them really intensify so this system here as we head into saturday is likely to give us some severe weather particularly over parts of texas that's where there is the biggest risk of seeing some tornadoes a bit further towards the south we go a few showers had to do with over parts of cuba they're looking fairly heavy but we've also got plenty of what weather from the southern parts of mexico all the way down towards panama this is actually good news because some of us here already drowned but some of the showers on looking pretty heavy as we head further south still we can see the showers that we've got around the coast of brazil looking
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heavy as well and they're going to stick around on any for friday but also for saturday to cool as a few problems here to the south of all of that we will see what cloud building i've posed in argentina as well so for when as always we'll see the sunshine disappear as we head into saturday more cloud for us and a few outbreaks of rain the temperatures there still getting up to a fairly decent to $21.00 degrees. anything you say tight brows can be held against. food lines investigates how governments are using israeli software to turn critic cell phones into the ultimate tools of surveillance exposure your personal world doesn't just stop it you write it extends out to the people you care about trusted you and it makes you toxic cross border and anywhere targeted by text on al-jazeera.
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to take a look at the top stories here it out as they are president johnson else plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult for non english speakers and asylum seekers. the u.s. state department is being accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent report on how countries are complying with arms control democrats have written to the secretary of state raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized. this other led coalition in yemen says it will
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investigate the possibility of an accidental airstrike in the capital sana'a at least 6 civilians all from one family and clued in women and children were killed 2 russians were among those injured. the activists against u.s. intervention in venezuela have been evicted from the venezuelan embassy in washington for. of them arrested on thursday a month after the group took over the building for weeks a faced off with supporters of the venezuelan opposition who were gathered outside the building the envoy of the opposition leader wang said the embassy had been quote liberated. 2 weeks ago i was here in this same place. and i said. duck time. taskmasters. there are days it 2 weeks later. parsers are out
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of our embassy we are in. our embassy this is our breed territory this is a symbol of freedom this will be the end of 3 freedom. brazil's president has dismissed huge protests over education saying their politically motivated demonstrators turned out in their tens of thousands on wednesday denouncing jiah bo's'n orders funding cuts speaking visiting the us president also nodders said the demonstrations were hijacked by his predecessors supposes who don't care about education some of us say it's a calling for economic retaliation against salah bamma after its leaders approve the country's most restrictive abortion law the hash tag boycott alabama is gaining momentum online but supporters of its near total ban on abortion insist it's a right thing to do the supreme court could end up once again making the final
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decision as andy gallagher reports from montgomery alabama. susan and required have run their adoption agency together for 15 years in that time they found new homes for hundreds of babies they support a woman's right to get an abortion but described themselves as pro-life but even for this married couple with deep christian values alabama's near total ban on abortion has gone too far there are a lot of things in this country right now that are being pushed in the break because of who isn't in office and and the men who are following the leader. they're not fans and requires a lawyer by trade says supporters of alabama's tough measures want to get it before the highest court in the land their aim he says is to overturn the law ruling notice roe v wade that legalized abortion in 1973 i think it will go to the u.s. supreme court if it's not alabama georgia or somebody over
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a local study to those southern states that have very similar laws on the books now under obama's new law doctors who carry out abortions would face up to 99 years in jail even women who get pregnant through rape or incest would not be able to terminate their pregnancy the only exception is if a pregnancy seriously threatens a woman's health the american civil liberties union are planning to launch a legal challenge to stop the new measures which is set to become law in november randall marshall says women's lives are at risk abortion has always been easy for people with with welp. in alabama it's mainly low income women who are affected and would be even more adversely affected by this kind of a law. states across the u.s. of passing some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in decades even as others are protecting access to abortion antiabortion supporters hope to new
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conservative judges in the supremes court will help them overturn roe v wade. but the legal battle has only just begun based on past cases it's likely that alabama's new law will be tied up in court for years delaying enforcement it's also important to know that the supremes court has discretion over what cases it hears none the less anti abortion campaigners see a chance they haven't had in decades and gallacher al-jazeera montgomery alabama australian's a venue to in an election on saturday that is expected to see their latest prime minister scott morrison lose power hour after after only 9 months in the job australia's had 7 prime ministers in just 10 years and the man tipped to become the 8th prime minister has promised to put an end to the country's revolving door leadership andrew thomas reports saffron said. if opinion polls are right the man in the middle of this crowd will on saturday be elected as
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australia's prime minister bill shorten from the left of center labor party is popular with many young australians. he promises higher spending on schools and action to tackle climate change but many say it is the chaotic leadership of the governing party that has helped the opposition most we've got to stop because taking action which we've got to stop. and take real action on fossil living we've got to stop. take real action like. since being elected in 2013 m.p.'s of the right of center government of the liberal party have turned against their leader twice dumping tony abbott for malcolm turnbull i thought throwing him out the current prime minister scott morrison. m.p.'s of the previous labor government also deposed their own leader twice. this is where you go if bill shorten is elected he'll be australia's 6th prime minister in 6 years and change your prime
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minister through an election would be a break from the recent past what bill shorten is promising is a period of political stability with the full on climate change that means relatively ambitious targets for emissions reductions renewable energy and electric cars the current government has failed to act on climate change over many years and it's been rising for the last 4 years so it's really risen as a crystal if you like the government says tougher action on climate will hurt the economy it also says a labor government's policies on refugees will lead to what it calls we care borders the government to sort of deter refugees from trying to reach australia and they sent them to detention camps on remote islands in the pacific the bottom line is as difficult as this policy is if you change it if you wait a minute if you show a lack of resolve then you invite on this country and the poor souls who would type the risks the worst of all possible outcomes but labor has affectively removed
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refugees as an election issue by saying it's will continue those tough policies. opinion polls can be wrong but there is one certainty turnout will be high in australia voting is compulsory with fines for those who failed to show up to vote andrew thomas al-jazeera city. by the final days of campaigning have been overshadowed by the death of the long serving prime minister bob hawke 9 year old remains immensely popular even into his old age not just for his groundbreaking economic reforms as it reports. australia had never had a more popular prime minister and there hasn't been. one since at one stage opinion polls found 3 quarters of australians approved of how bob hawke was leading the country he took the left leaning labor party to 4 election wins his 1st in
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1983 was his party's biggest victory will get embodied qualities australians like to see in themselves he was down to earth seen as having a great sense of humor and a sense of fairness he could also drink a plaque at oxford university commemorates the day the future prime ministers that a world speed record quit drinking almost an liter and a half of beer it was a reputation he played to in his later years. a former trade union leader bob hawke served 4 terms as prime minister and was considered a reformer he floated the strained dollar and in gauged in the privatization of state assets while managing to keep the trade unions on side. his government introduced a universal public health service and environmental protections for the great barrier reef and forests in tasmania. he handed back management of groups then
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widely known as as broke to local aboriginal people. also deepened australia's relationship with china and strengthen ties with other asian countries australia hosted the 1st ever asia pacific economic cooperation or apec meeting when who was prime minister in 1989. but for many australians it was a different international engagement for which he would be best remembered he reveled in australia's 983 america's cup yacht race when cementing his place as a prime minister of the working man and woman which i announce thing in effect a spontaneous national holiday what was essentially what. was with finance minister paul keating took labor's reformist agenda into the 1990 s. but so the relationship turned sour keating challenge to walk for the top job and
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one key thing was to win one more election victory labor's 5th in the row giving the party it's the longest run in government to date bob hawke divorced his wife of almost 40 years in 1995 and married his biographer months later thank you he's a 5 by her and his 4 children. they're one of the world's most famous architects i am paying has died at the age of $102.00 is works include world renowned buildings such as the louvre param it in paris victoria gaze and he looks back at his life. i am pais designs helped shape the skyline of cities around the world from the distinctive glass pyramid of the lead in paris to the 72 story bank of china tower in hong kong. museum of islamic art was one of his last projects it was inaugurated in 2008 and combines
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a modern design with elements of islamic architecture. and very on the actually to be presented to you in this manner. i won an architect but this building is very special to me simply because it helped me to learn something about another world and the religion. in the other culture pay was born in china but moved to the united states in the 1930 s. the buildings he designed the modernist in style characterized by angular geometry and expansive glass and concrete walls he was somehow able to almost magically blend the cutting edge with things that people were interested in and wanted and liked and responded to so he made modernism modern architecture something that people loved as opposed to something that people hated which a lot of architects have done in his adopted country he was probably best known for designing the east building of the national gallery of art in washington d.c.
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as well as the rock n roll hall of fame in cleveland ohio pay no to rock n roll fan had initially turned down the job beginning. really. caught up with music changes and. a couple of years ago. how to pay $70.00 a long career was full of professional highs and he leaves behind a secure legacy as one of the 20th century's most prolific and revered architects victoria gaye to be al-jazeera. time visiting a lot of the top stories here at al-jazeera president trump has announced plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it
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more difficult for no english speakers and asylum seekers the u.s. state department has been accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent report on how countries are complying with arms control democrats have written to the secretary of state raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized the saudi a morality coalition in yemen says it will investigate what it calls the possibility of an accidental airstrike in the capital sanaa or at least 6 civilians all from one family were killed 2 russian citizens were among those injured brazil's president has dismissed huge protests over education saying they're politically motivated demonstrators turned out in their tens of thousands on wednesday denouncing j.-a both scenarios funding cuts speaking whilst in the united states president wilson said the demonstrations were hijacked by his predecessors
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supporters who don't care about education. education is in bad shape i'd rather not have to cut or limit any funding anywhere but that's the reality if i don't do it i have to answer to the fiscal responsibility law i could even have to face impeachment and i believe no one wants this in brazil. the venezuelan government has been holding talks with opposition members in norway both parties are invited for discussions to end the 5 month political crisis on wednesday a military blockade trying to prevent the opposition leader. from entering the national parliament but he defied it one of the world's most famous architects i am pe has died at the age of 109 to some of his most famous works include the louve pyramid in paris and the 72 story bank of china tower in hong kong. all
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right coming up next here. is for clients. 0 where ever you are. i just already know. months or as a human rights activist in the united arab emirates. i interviewed him 2 years ago shortly after he'd received strange text messages with suspicious links to text was talking about some secrets related to the torture the emirates they tell us that most of them for me to click on the link. to the u.a.e. have bought a powerful spyware called pegasus that can break into almost any smartphone i want
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to target opens an attached link at the bottom line to the government to your is to litter activist and certain individuals over interest of the. one source is now serving a 10 year prison sentence in the u.a.e. for publicly criticizing this government. not only people in general but that would also cause some people to be killed or. assassinated in. this case was the 1st detected hack of its kind. in the last 4 years pegasus has been used against activists and journalists around the world. in this episode of faultlines reinvestigate how governments are using pegasus to turn their critic cell phones into the ultimate tools of surveillance.
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in 2015 pegasus showed up in mexico. among the 2 dozen targets was mexico's most famous investigative journalist carmen. team it just revealed a major corruption scandal involving the president at the time and wreak a pinion media to. the story shocked the nation and soon our stock you felt the backlash. that bit of us young escaped again then yeah to me even in this money. 2 months after the revelations and her teenage son started getting strange text messages with enticing links. but on this same as them inside his case. i love the. media who got of on the. job.
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i'll get people there goes i doubt. there is a right to work. get us out of it as a woman. you know they look at the enemy they left on. this last 4 and there's a nice combine you know pretty says that on about us cyber security researchers in canada determine there are a sticky and her son emilio had been targeted with pegasus at the time emilio was a 16 year old high school student studying in the us look at this up with a in the in the in there they know her but there is a going on not only saying they are not in the upper case that he will grow. no escaping stevie could be an alice of all of those right you know that i made up my your when those simply said there's a list that no one i mean into receiver when i mean them would call that osa but us
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of it at the overlook yassin being able to get our own illness in the. study of any ho get ill is doesn't share that there beside i love my little part of anatomy . to find out more about the use of pegasus in mexico we came to our 3 d. the digital rights group that has helped shed light on the cyber attacks here how many pegasus infections have you found in mexico. we know that at least 30 people have been targeted in that and those where human rights defenders journalists politicians even international investigators but we know from the contract that has been made public is that mexico acquired that really did to infect $500.00 targets so we know that there probably were. many many many more targets. because this is the creation of an israeli spy ware company called an a so group. the mexican
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attorney general's office recently disclosed his contracts within a soaker from 20162017. to show the office had paid at least $32000000.00 for pegasus have you seen anything like this when it comes to surveillance on this scale. we have seen other types of malware we have seen some cases here and there we haven't seen the scale of the use with a mile or 2 less powerful as this 1. 1 of the things that makes pegasus so powerful is that it can access information on a phone before it can be encrypted. encrypted protects the user's privacy by securing the data on a device. lots of authorities for legitimate and illegitimate purposes want to be able to crack by looking at the devices before that information is encrypted in the 1st place. i guess is takes total control of phone he can get access to pictures
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chats the contact lens to can open the mike open the camera with the you know dissing it records everything you type. in a soaker it says it only contracts with governments and law enforcement agencies to buy criminals and terrorists. and that their technology has helped thwart terror attacks and save thousands of lives but they won't say how some of the people that seem targeted clearly they're not suspects what why would they target them the government was trying to silence them he was trying to make them not resist. acts and by tomorrow rights violations corruption lies and when a target is particularly difficult to target they call to your immediate circle so in no ways an attack on all sides. in a so group says that it can remotely cut off a client's access to pegasus if they abuse it but more had to report it in mexico
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after the pegasus scandal blew up in. 2017 in the state of sinaloa home to one of mexico's most powerful drug cartels javier valdez was gunned down just blocks from his office. he was a reporter payments for his unflinching coverage of narco violence here. not fake tan. i am ente. type of sign yes and i know where that are but our set. brazil the trio ana is the widow of valdez she's a journalist and activist and son a lower. risk companion as man. must die in nevada. easier when they hear more of them and bail christan last seen to somebody else he and quite appalled a home here. already cutting. costs
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. just days after the shooting triana got strange text messages that included links. ferris's on me that has a few natalie here whether this. is the messiah who met here for one of the yes yes this was a game that i read and the link here is a bit early b. i t. l. y. so that's hiding with the actual play descent 2 and this is so specific to you. john one candle for. release here on. this side up ahead ray komisar nasional they simply that. the feet. join us but immediate access saw. us. here at the supply at the scales at amity. and dawn service miss and d.
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we are neither. to evolve as his colleagues at the cinema were based newspaper rio dos say also received pegasus infected links within days of the murder. andreas heriot was one of them. why do you think you were targeted. illegal we have opinion which up but he supports or there is a board that the answer may be at the goodwill geisel. inform us your little star there handle being the go there at among the soldiers who for media will says must have guns called meals i must he could put us up that import them is to have a good start in the maybe at the mint this boy that has he not but. why would they need to secretly illegally surveil your phone is the implication that they think you didn't tell the truth or you're holding something back and this is
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a still making course in the just cause s.k. up and down and this one inexpert governess no conformant back the name best yes you are correct that he was not yet up and seemed politicizing there all that most wanted but it would stop when the as i said come into. us out on which was the as this was a lesson that both of you had in a fight on a phony many ups do you worry about more the authorities or the narcos. know are you there and that it was the case more you davey in there must. also make a good pick we have to say they are. 2 men were arrested a year after the murder but the mastermind was never apprehended. 99 percent of crimes against journalists go unpunished in mexico. it's unknown if paul does get a similar message just before his death his killers took his phone and laptop. do you think your vote is tapped now. just like
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a me and how about i thought my stink that better man never asked can i see. sense as they. send data mail said either. in 2017 under pressure from the public the mexican attorney general's office launched a criminal investigation into the hacking of journalists and activists. this is the same agency that bought pegasus so far no one has been held accountable. earlier this year the mexican government claimed that it no longer uses pegasus. the 1st people to discover what pegasus is and does were researchers at citizen lab a digital rights group at the university of toronto. they investigate abuses of pegasus worldwide one of the biggest selling points of this stuff is that it's wickedly hard to find there's a cat and mouse game. they hide we seek they were able to associate the links that
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were sent to months or are sticky and are signed triana in many others within a so groups servers. the 1st time that we learn about pegasus about this or get in touch and says listen i think i'm being targeted i guess. what was special about it was different well this one caught our attention in part because it was about his mobile phone hacking and i phone is a much larger technical lift and we realized that we were looking at a chain of i phone 0 days so these are vulnerabilities that even apple didn't know about at the time they could be used to remotely in fact in penetrate that device and implant a piece of malware on it and they really find it's got railton and his colleague bill maher check have investigated abuses of pegasus since 2016. they've identified pegasus infections in the network space of at least 45.

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